Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I like your comment.

Back in college - this is before everyone had a cell phone and a computer. One of my first trips off campus was to go buy an answering machine.

I raced back home, and set it up. I can‘t remember how many times I recorded my greeting to make sure it was perfect.

After class, I would run home and get so excited if the red blinking light of my answering machine was on - and would get even more thrilled by counting how many messages I had. The more messages the more loved and liked right? Was this a sick need to feel liked? Why when I saw that red light blinking, it would make me happy and feel wanted?

Now, I log into my facebook page and my eye goes straight to the bottom right had corner, where the little red button will pop up and tell you how many likes, comments, comments of comments and random updates you have on your page. Why does it remind me of my answering machine back in college?

P.S. And what is really odd about that, is that I will get the alerts on my cell phone/email and would have already read what was written - but still get a little inside smile when I see the little red tab.

Maybe it is the color red?