Friday, May 29, 2009

ready? set!?! GO!

It's Friday night and I feel like I am about to drop dead. Had to work the AM Shift this morning - which means getting up at 2:30am. I am not a morning person at all - that shift is for zombies.

I took a small nap after getting home, but now I feel like that said zombie. My head is killing me, I am hot as hell and grouchy. But, after sitting here staring at the baby computer (it is a mini-laptop - love it and it has been named baby computer. Just like my phones - work phone and baby phone - this name calling started when baby phone was ringing one night at work several years ago and I was singing about the phone being small and it was a baby - I know strange thought but I had to share) and I got the urge to go to the art supply store. I hate that supplies cost so much. I bought a few little canvases and some texture medium and markers.

The markers are an idea. I am an obsessive doodler at work. When I am on the phone, in meetings anywhere - I am always doodling. I can't seem to focus unless I am doing several things at once - and doodling is my thing. My work notebooks over the years could be there own art show. And sometimes I really really like the way my doodles come out. So, I am going to doodle at home and see what happens. If it works like the picture I see in my head - I will post the finish product.

In addition to the art work I am beginning, I am writing too. I had a friend here in Tampa, after telling him a story, convince me to "write it down". So, I have written it down. It is very crude right now and I have to re-write and add to it. I don't know if I will ever have the courage to show anyone it, but the layout and thoughts are on paper. When I complete it, I may show it to a few people. But, I have always thought I am a terrible it is going to take some time before I show anyone that and it is also about something very personal - it was hard to write, during most of my time typing it out, I was a crying mess. So, we will see.

BUT ANYWAY, experiments begin tonight! If I don't pass out first.

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