Monday, May 25, 2009

some examples

I have a goal. I want to have 15 pieces made before the end of September - in addition to the piece that I am about to start for some friends.

Here are a few of my pieces...the picture quality is not that good, used a camera phone. The one with no color is the first piece I ever made using words. It will never be sold or given away and is very very special to me. Every word used in it, means something to me - is about me and the way I feel about myself.
The one that is red and orange is a very small piece I made, I like the colors. It was an experiment. The orange is actually acrylic paint that I laid out on plastic, let dry, peeled if out and worked it like clay into the shape it is on the canvas. I don't know if I like it that much, but I was trying something new.
The piece that I am making for my friends, I am going to experiment with different other textures and I am excited to get started.

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